Finding the perfect Eco-friendly Wedding Ring


This is going to be on your finger for the next 30 – 60 YEARS!! ….and I’m going to try to help you pick the right ring.  There is something beautifully symbolic about the tradition of exchanging rings to symbolize a long-lasting commitment to your partner.  Whether you go for ultra-traditional or opt for a beer can tab, the story is the same. For some, engagement and wedding rings are a status symbol, but for an environmentalist, eco-friendly wedding rings can show commitment to sustainability, protection of the environment, fair trade and conservation of the earth’s resources. The ring you choose for yourself and your fiance says a lot about you.

For both women and men’s rings, recycled metals are where it’s at.  The pollution generated from mining gold and silver can be avoided if you go the recycled route.  If you desire a stone, conflict free diamonds are a must  (available from Canada) and there are many gemstones out there that are just as beautiful and not as tainted. Cultured diamonds and gemstones are the most ecologically friendly gems, since they are not mined out of the earth, but grown in a lab. And don’t forget buying your ring used! …estate jewelry can be an amazing eco-friendly alternative.


Make Your Own Wedding Bands

It doesn’t get more meaningful than this. You can hand-craft wedding rings for each other at New York Wedding Ring’s one-on-one jewelry workshops. At the end of the day you will have made each other’s wedding bands and put all that loving energy into them, and they will be totally unique. Couples need no previous experience and are guided through each step by a professional metal-worker.

Various recycled precious metals are available to choose from, or you can bring in a piece of family jewelry that is no longer worn, to melt down and re-create into an even more meaningful piece.

There are also workshops to make engagement rings, where you can learn how to set stones into the ring and make a simple solitaire, or a piece of your own design.

Wedding ring workshop prices start from $2050 for 18K gold, which includes everything from the 8 hour workshop for you both, to the precious metals and two finished wedding bands.